Patient Testimonials


“I was an excessive coffee drinker and while that helped me be productive, it also gave me stained and unattractive teeth.  I couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life with teeth like this so I consulted with Dr. Mondavi about his veneers treatment.  I was definitely pleased with the results, he assisted me in every way possible to make sure I was receiving comfortable care.  Nowadays, I’ve been showing off my smile to anyone who looks at my direction. Dr. Mondavi exceeded all of my expectations and I look forward to meeting him again for future treatments.”

- Thiago O.





“I had yellowish looking teeth for a while and had always shied away from showing my teeth in pictures and in public.  I wanted a smile that would make me confident again.  After undergoing Dr. Mondavi’s veneers treatment, I finally got that smile.  Words aren’t enough to express the appreciation I have for Dr. Mondavi and his staff.  He showed plenty of concern about my needs and was a great professional.  Now when I get my pictures taken, I have a bigger smile on my face! ”

- Erin A.




“As a heavy smoker, I had ugly looking teeth for a very long time.  I just never found the time to visit a doctor so my teeth continued to get worse.  After being treated by Dr. Mondavi, I no longer have to describe myself in that way again.  He earned my trust and has been very considerate of my personal health problems. I appreciated how much work he put in to making sure I was at ease. His veneers treatment gave me amazing looking teeth that made me felt like I never smoked at all.  Whenever I need a helpful hand to provide me with an amazing smile, Dr. Mondavi is my doctor!”

- Warren J.


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Dr. Robert Mondavi is Torrance based cosmetic dentist that has successfully placed thousands of porcelain veneers for patients of all ages.